How to Wear Leggings without Underwear Line Showing

No doubt now underwear is a essential part of outfit wear under pants or leggings. But the problem is that when one wear it under the leggings then its line underwear line showing that looks worst. Here we must gives you ideas that how to wear legging without showing its line. Leggings are sort of fitted cloth that is worn by both women and men. As the word clearly mentions that it is use to cover the legs. Basically men and women wear legging to stay warm in winters. Mostly they are made up of Iycra or cotton. At present they are becoming the essential element of women wardrobe. In markets, leggings are easily available in several sizes and designs at a very cheap rate.

However, if leggings are not worn with the appropriate and great sense then it will expose the shape of your body, thus it will give you a very shabby look. But don’t worry. In this column numbers of possible solutions are given to guide you:

Best Ideas:

  • If one wear underwear with leggings then its color is too much important. For this Dark Color are best option to wear. Or match the colors of legging and underwear.
  • One can also wear panties of same color between them.
  • Third best option is that one can wear Thong instead  wearing.
  • Some specified kinds of thin underwear are also available in market like Boy Cut and like many others. Their lines also hide under them.
  • Tights are also best option to wear under it and above the underwear.
  • Last that is very simple option that works all the time that wear a long shirt over it. This must hide the showing line.

Because number of ladies wear both of them in every season. And majority of them face from this kind of difficulty so these ideas must help them. The most common mistake is done by most of the people is that they thought the leggings as the alternative of pants, but everyone should know about the difference between them.

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