How to Wear a Tunic Top with Leggings? Tunic Dresses to Wear with Leggings

The tunic style finds its origin back in the middle ages. It was worn by the men and women of Greece and Rome. Today stylish tunics are worn by women to be elegant and comfortable at the same time. A huge variety of tunies with a lot of styles and colors are available in markets to be fashionably worn with leggings. Here we have discussed the best ways of pairing tunics with leggings and How to Wear a Tunic Top with Leggings? Tunic dresses to wear with leggings wearing them in the most stylish way. Tunics are a sort of hip length shirts that are the comfortably worn by women for casual day at home or for a day out with friends. It is longer than a T-Shirt and shorter than a full dress. Wear it with printed or plain leggings to have a modern and smart look.

  • There are many types of women tunics of different shapes, lengths and designs. The key is to wear the one that flatters to your body shape the most. You have to keep few things in mind while choosing the right tunic to wear with leggings that makes you look more stylish. The size or shape of the tunic has to be loose on your body rather than snug.

The fabric must be light and flare not heavy and stiff. Thus a tunic top should be flow not clingy. It should also be fitted to some extend on the neck and chest area so that your body will not look shapeless. The legging worn with such tunic top will make you look taller and smarter A V neck tunic will draw attention up to your face and neck.

Some tunics have stylish empire waistline or fancy belts to fit to your body shape while other are straight with little shape. Wide belts can accentuate your waist and give you a slimming look. These bitted tunies add a bit formality to your dress. Do not wear wide bottom pants, baggy trousers or straight jeans under tunic top because they will make you look bulky with no shape. Wear a skinny legging to hug your skin so that you will look elegantly smart.

  • There are leggings with tagger prints, strips or polka dots look awesome with contrasting plain tunics. There are leggings of different materials including silky and cotton based. You can choose the one according to your demand.
  • For a complete fashionable look, you should choice the appropriate shoes to wear with tunic top and legging. Sneakers may be not a right choice because they are a bit more casual. A smart pair of heels can give an elongated and lean appearance. The flat sandals are more laid back, if worn with tunic tops. For a classier look, match your shoes with the color of your belt.

For a sleek sophisticated look, you can wear tighter tunic with skinny leggings and best ways that How to Wear a Tunic Top with Leggings? with some Tunic Dresses to Wear with Leggings which accentuate your smart figure. Thus wearing a trendy tunic with a smart pair of leggings is a perfect choice for casual a semi formal look.

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