How to Shave your Own Hair Back Alone by Yourself

Do you have plenty of unwanted hair on your back and want to get rid of them, read this article in which we have stated a number of ways to remove and How to Shave your Own Hair Back Alone by Yourself these hairs at home. These methods are highly affordable and convenient to use. So, you do not have to spend large amount of money on the expensive treatments. Read on to know the ways to get the smoother and sleeker back.

Method 1:

If you do not have a helper with you, use a back shaver to remove the back hair. There are varity of shavers that come in different electric varieties and with standard razors. You can use this shaver with your own hand because it has an extended arm with it. To use it, clean and dry your back. If you want to use an electric shaver, you have to wet your back properly. Apply shaving cream before using the standard razor. Hold the shaver in your in on one hand and angle the mirror with your other hand so that you will be able to see your back. Shave the upper back in rows starting from the mid of the back towards the upper shoulder. Now bend the arm of the shaver to an angle through which you can shave the lower part of your back. Keep seeing in the mirror to make sure that you have not left any spot.

Method 2:

Using a back hair removal cream will prevent the re growth of the hair for long time than shaver. Another good thing about this method is that it can be done with or without assistance. Apply the hair removal cream evenly on your back with the help of a long handled brush. Make sure that all your back hairs are covered but avoid rubbing it on your skin. Follow the instructions written on the product you are using to know how long the cream will take to remove the hair. Wait for the recommended time and then use a damp towel to wipe the small portion of cream. Check if the hair does not come out easily leave it for few more minutes and then remove it completely with the wet towel. Rinse thoroughly under shower.

Method 3:

You can also use wax to remove back hair. Through its very painful yet it is the method that has the most long term results. You can not do it by yourself. Ask for the help of someone who knows how to use wax. Choose the wax that is made for thick long hair. Heat up the wax and apply a thick layer on the little area of your hairy back. Place a strip of stiff cloth over it. Press it to get it stick on wax properly. Now pull off the strip in one motion opposite to the direction of your hair growth. Repeat it all over your back.

So get rid of your back hair by using any of the above mentioned methods for removing that How to Shave your Own Hair Back Alone by Yourself.

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