How to Put False Eyelashes on Small Eyes? Best False Eyelashes for Small Hooded Eyes

Well we all know that these days the trend of false eyelashes is getting out being high in demand and popularity among the women. But at the same time some women do find the issue that which are the best false eyelashes for small hooded eyes! In the era of 1960’s it was thought that as much bigger eyelashes you have the more it will make you appear as the center of attraction. Lashes are accessible in various sizes and styles but be sure that you find the one that makes your eyes comfortable at the time of applications.

Steps For How To Put False Eyelashes On Small Eyes:

Step No 1: For applying the best false eyelashes for small hooded eyes just make sure that have wash the excess makeup from the face especially mascara. You can make the choice of set the natural lashes in the company of an eyelash curler. It will even going to be easy at the time of applying fake eyelashes.

Step No 2: Just set the makeup kit on the comfortable area as in front of the mirror and then break up your individual lashes. For the hooded eyes just make sure that you apply with the lashes to the outer corner of your eye first as all the way by working your way inward. You can select up with the lash in the company of your tweezers and then dot the lash root in the midst of glue. You have to wait around for few seconds and then apply with the lash line.

Step No 3: If you have been applying with the full set of the eyelashes just choose with the thin strip of glue as across the lash line in the company of a toothpick. Once you apply them just try to give yourself a small number of seconds more for the glue to dry from top to bottom.

Step No 4: At the end of the application you will going to apply the mascara as in this way it will allow the false eyelashes to stay back on eyes perfectly and in permanent way.

Well this is all we have ended up with the simple 4 steps or tutorial related with the application of best false eyelashes for small hooded eyes! Just follow the steps carefully and make your eyes appear attractive and big for others!

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