How to Make Lauki Juice for Weight Loss

A easy way through which one can easy to understand that how to make Lauki Juice for weight loss. This juice is really positive results for this major problem that is now find in men and women. This is one natural way and most important it has minimum side effects while weight is going down. The natural thing like vegetable, fruits etc is very useful for human health. Some vegetable are effective if it’s eat like raw vegetable and some vegetables are very useful when its drink as juice. The Lauki or Bottle gourd is one of those vegetables which are use both eaten and its juice is also very effective for human health. Bottle gourd is one of the best natural vegetables which have a lot benefits for the human beings. Bottle gourd is one of famous vegetables and it’s available in the pale green shape. It’s one of those vegetables that youngsters run away from because they don’t know about it a lot of benefit. Before you makes juice it’s justified that lauki is not have bitter taste and you may check one small piece and taste it then you know about its best taste.

Mostly youngsters are finding its very bland taste and it has a different taste from other vegetables. Bottle gourd is widely used for the weight loss and a lot of its other benefits. It’s one of the famous health benefits is that it’s easy to digest and great for those peoples who are suffering from digestive problems. It’s juice very effective, easy to digestion, cooling and calming.

How to Make:

Its not difficult to make lauki juice one just need to take water in shake grander and according to weight-age of water put lauki in it. Give time to it untill it form a shape of juice. Hopefully one can get a marvelous juice that is too much effective to loss weight.

There are a lot of methods to take bottle gourd for weight loss including

  • It has ability to great weight loss and high cholesterol level and it has also low in calories and fat
  • Bottle gourd is high in water and dietary fiber, drinking a cup of bottle gourd juice with empty stomach in morning and its starts excellent fiber rich the whole day.
  • Remember that the 100 gm bottle gourd juice provides the 14 calories that is very help to weight loss at the early morning.
  • It has also vitamin C and B complex and iron, sodium and potassium that is very effective and helpful to weight loss
  • Another best method to weight loss when drink of this juice at the time of afternoon when you feel a lot of hungry

It has high amount of water so it’s keep you hydrate due to this is very effective for weight loss

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