How to Hide Double Chin in Pictures With | Without Makeup

There are imperfections in all of us. Even in celebrities have flaws but they are fortunate enough it have professional make up artists to make their face perfect for camera. We admire them for their flawlessness though it’s artificial. You can also learn various make up techniques to hide your flaws and look good in all your pictures. One of the things that you may want to hide is double chin. Contouring is the best technique to minimize the areas that you want to conceal and highlight or enhance those areas that you want to draw attention further away from your double chin.

  • Here is the step by step guide to help you out in hiding the double chin with make up in pictures. So, if one followed them, then they will surely useful for you.

How to Hide Double Chin in Pictures With | Without Makeup is given there in detail so must read below..

  • Cleanse your face thoroughly with cleansing. Wash it then pat it dry. No apply the moisturizer all over the face and neck. Let it absorb in skin.

Apply your regular foundation on your face but use one or two shades darker tone on the chin. Blend it well to remove any demarcation.

  • Apply a bronzer on the jaw line from one ear to the other. You should choose gold tone of bronzer for medium skin tone and for fair skin choose pink bronzer. For more natural look, apply the same bronzer on your cheeks instead of blush. Blend the bronzer well on jaw line so that the line will not get prominent. As you are creating an illusion so be careful in blending it. Use a thicker brush to make the jaw line enhanced by bronzer more subtle and naturally highlighted.

Finish your look by patting loose powder to set the foundation and bronzer on your skin.

  • You always have to highlight your eyes and make them stand out in order to draw attention towards them and detract from your double chin. The best tool to create fabulous eyes is black mascara. Always opt for black mascara no matter what color pf eye shadow, you have selected.

Experiment with different colors of liners and eye shadows to find out what suits you best. Play up with your eyes to make them attention grabbing.

  • Never use bright or dark color lipstick because it will draw attention to your lower area of face that is very close to your double chin. Always go for nude or light color lipsticks. You can apply gloss to add shine. Now you are ready for camera shoot. Lift your face up and body at right angle to have perfect picture with confidence.

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