How to get Best Result from Epilator use For Face Facial Hair?

Epilator is a electronic hair removal device effectively used to remove hair on any part of body. You can use it well on your face also but the thing is to buy the best device of the well known company to lessen the chances of any sort of damage. You should do a thorough net surfing to find out best epilating device for you. Here are some tips to get best result from epilator.

  • The key to make epilation easier and effective is to exfoliate your face properly before and after epilation. It will also reduce the ingrown hairs.
  • Pull your skin tightly. The epilator has to be perpendicular to your skin rather than parallel. It will remove the hair easily with less pain. Those who are afraid of pain should take a pain killer 15 to 20 minutes before epilation for the first time. But as soon as you get use to it, you will not need any pain killer.
  • Most of the epilators do not work on very small hair. So, use epilator when you think that the hair is large enough to be pluck with epilator.
  • Run the epilator in upward direction opposite to the hair growth to get smoother and neat skin.
  • It is preferred to use epilator at night because sometimes it causes red spots on your face. Apply a moisturized cream after epilation to smooth the skin.
  • If you don’t use epilator properly, it may because the cause of ingrown hair. So, you have to be cautions while using it to lesson the risk of in grown thing is to keep your skin properly and regularly exfoliated.

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