How to Fold a Scarf to Tie into Wear as a Vest

How to fold a scarf to tie into make a vest is not difficult if one follow proper technique that is given below. Wearing scarf is becoming a tradition in this advance age. Scarf is looking beautiful on young girls and also on women. Earlier wearing scarf is only for protection of dust or sunlight or also protect for the hot season. But in this latest and advance age wearing scarf as vest become new fashion. Basically scarf is a length of square of fabric cloth worn around the neck or heads but if its use as vest is looking like tux or as a beautiful cloth.

In Scarf every women is looking awesome if its use in a good and true manners. Women wearing scarf as vest is becomes fashion and mostly women going to their working areas with the vest as scarf and using it mostly upper on your shirts.

  • There are a lot of types of scarf wearing as vest and available in bundles of verities and styles in printed shapes. There is no secret in these days with respect to scarf as vest and there are so many methods to become scarf as vest and wearing scarves in any seasons especially in summer seasons.

Wearing scarf as vest is become women necessity because they looking beautiful and looking wearing casual dress and seen in best personality. It’s up to you which type of scarf one use as vest that also depends upon seasons and technique. If you don’t know how to make scarf as vest so don’t worry about that there are several methods to wearing scarf as vest so don’t need to be panic in this advance age.

Folding and tie Technique of Scarf as Vest:

  • You collect a scarf and its iron in great manners
  • You hold its with this corners
  • Fold the scarf and tie its two top corners or knot two corners
  • Hold the one corner which separate form two corners and knot this scarf corner with other two corners but remember that this corner knot between these other two corners
  • Put your arm’s through the two holes which can make your with helps of knot of corners
  • You are looking awesome with the front and also in back side of scarf
  • you can also wearing the scarf with fitted t- shirt and you looks like a celebrity

One Easiest way to wear a scarf into vest:

For this one need two scarves.

  • For this one need to put scarf around neck that every part of scarf fall equal on either sides.
  • Then ties the second scarf around your waist that make it vest.

Second Method that include folding:

  • At start fold the scarf in half crosswise.
  • Then repeat this process again and fold half crosswise again with tie the ends together.
  • Now final step will come one need to take scarf in such a way that armholes has make. When this will happen it automatically form vest.

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