How to Curl Bottom Lashes with Eyelash Curler

How to Curl Bottom Lashes with Eyelash Curler has gives more result if it use in proper way. Eyes are most important parts of body and the great blessing of God. These eyes are also the most beautiful parts of body and there are a lot of people are not truly care of this blessing. Beautiful eyes are playing most important role in the life of people. There are so many women whose making a lot of care of their eyes and beautiful eyes increased the personality of women. When women wear makeup on their eyes to make it’s more and more beautiful and becomes their eyes attractive. There are so many women in the world that’s use eyelash curler to become killer eyes and increased their personality with their glamorous eyes.

There are many women known how to curl their top lashes without any difficulties with eyelash curler. So many women is face difficulty to curl bottom lashes with eyelash curler because to curl bottom lashes to do little bit extra struggle rather than top lashes.

To curl the bottom lashes is a big challenge for women because they are very short and thinner as compare to top lashes. Women must be open their eye for curling their bottom lashes few times and their lashes are looks bigger.

There are a lot of women asked about the right way how to curl bottom lashes with eyelash curler because it’s an art and pay some extra attention and some extra skill and care for curling the bottom lashes with protect eyes.

The bottom lashes curl making llok longer and bigger eye and remembers one thing you must compare both eyes with each other and realize that both are equally curled. There is no need to be worries about how to curl bottom lashes with eyelash curler in this advance age.

There are several methods to curl bottom lashes with eye curler that are given as:

  • First of all wash their face with right kind of cleanser.

It necessary that their eyelashes is free from makeup.

  • Then Apply mascara on bottom lashes that starting from root.
  • Apply two cots of mascara.

Curl their lower lashes by eye curler first upward side and then down side and best place for downside.

  • So tilt their head downward for easy access on their bottom lashes and easy for open their eye large.
  • Curl their bottom lashes by pressing the eyelash curler and down on their eyelashes for few seconds.

To do work their way down the bottom lashes and moving for little time and then compare their eyes with each other. These  are simple step through which its easy to understand that How to Curl Bottom Lashes with Eyelash Curler with minimum pain and more results.

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