How to Apply Toner to Your Face

This is a right place where you get an idea how to apply toner to your face. Skin toner is known as deep cleanser and deeply cleans skin by removing dead skin cells, excess oil and traces of soap and makeup. There are various types of toners which is available according to skin types. Some toner will help you to remove excess dirt and oil from face and make your skin fresh and glowing. Other types of tone will help you to restore skin pH balance and sometime moisture your skin.

 An important thing which you are remember that it before choosing toner for her chooses one of the best according to your skin type. First of all you know about your skin type because some toner is made for only dry or oily skin type. Toners are available in various formulations. There are different verities of toners just like liquid, mist, gel but liquid toner is most popular among the women because it very easy to apply.

How to apply toner to your face

  • Use toner on a clean face with the help of cotton ball and massage it in circular motion over your face and neck.
  • During use the toner on face avoids your eyes area because it’s very sensitive.
  • Use moisturizer after the toning as your skin is primed to receive the maximum benefits.

One can use toner after the cleansing process and tone make your cleansing process complete because it’s very beneficial when carefully incorporated into your skin care routine.

Dip a cotton ball into toner and apply on face very gently in small circles and avoid the area of eyes. Use toner especially on your forehead, chin, T-zone, nose because it produce more oil. Excess oil creates different skin problems like acne, pimples and other skin issues.

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