How to Apply Lip Liner on Thin Lips

Lips are another major thing to enhance our face beauty. There are different kinds of lips just like big, small and thin. So women that have big lips want to make them thin, so they used for this purpose lip liner. Lip liner makes your lips very pretty and you can make the shape of their lips according to your choice. This is a right place from here one can learn how to apply lip liner perfectly on thin lips. When you feel crack or ugly state on your lips so, you must use chopstick or lip balm. If you neither want to use such these things so you can use any type of lip gloss which color you would like. If you want that your lips always looking like fresh rose in winter and also summer, so you drink take much glass of water every day. This counseling is very helpful to protect and make shine on your lips. Remember iron and vitamin B must be in your body to protect your lips.

Protect lips in summer:

Lip balm or chopstick is the most important lip care product, it protect your lips in the sunlight. In summer mostly drink indulgence amount of any liquid.

Protect lips in winter:

You see your lips in winter, there are many winkles on your lips or crack badly. Because in winter lips has deprivation of moisture and it is the main reason behind lips.

Reason to use lip liner:

  • We use lip liner to make a perfect shape of our lips.
  • After use a lip liner your lips look more beautiful.
  • It will make your lipstick in bound and stop to grow it outside.
  • If your lipstick has good quality so, lip liner will also help you to make your lip color on your lips enduring.
  • Choose the perfect color it should be match on your lipstick.
  • Choose the lip color with best nib and best quality.

Use perfect lip liner

  1. Firstly, apply base on your lip blend properly onto the lips.
  2. Choose lip liner according to your dress or lipstick.
  3. Apply it onto the lips line in best way, its look like naturally.
  4. Mark three dots onto the lips two upper and one lower.
  5. Take a pencil and connect these dots together.
  6. Then spread evenly in the best way.
  7. Now the time to apply lipstick on your lip which you select.
  8. Final touch to apply lip gloss to shine your lips.

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