How to Apply Emerald Green Eyeshadow

It is this emerald green eyeshadow that can give promising look to your eyes! A tutorial that cover the details that how to apply emerald green eyeshadow: The very first to apply emerald green eyeshadow is the application of concealer! It is this concealer that will be giving your eyes that fresh and vibrant kind of tone. You have to get in hand best quality of concealer so that it may stay on your eyes for long hours and too for longer time period. Now after applying the concealer, get the highlighter and start applying it below and also at the upper area of your eyes. It will too be this highlighting part that can well make your magical even before you get start to apply emerald green eyeshadow.

  • Right after the application of concealer and highlighter, you then has to apply eye shadows, It will be this emerald green eyeshadow that will be the primary one, it has to be applied at the centre of your lid. You too have to pick up other two eyeshadows that will be of similar tone like that of emerald green eyeshadow.
  • First take the lighter on eyeshadow, you can too consider it as a base, then apply a lighter of emerald green eyeshadow at your entire lid. Do that in the S shape, it is this S shape that can well apply this lighter eyeshadow at your eyes.
  • After this application of light eye shadow, you then have to apply little bit darker tone of emerald green eyeshadow at the edges of your eyelids. You have to well reach to the crease line. Then just do the blending part, when you will be applying this third eye shadow that will be of exact tone of emerald green eyeshadow, make sure that you do apply it right at the center of your eyelid. It is this most important step, when you will apply this shade, then in the last step, you have to blend all those three eye shadows so that uniform and one single tone may come out.
  • This is all, now it is up to you how you want to make your eyes more appealing! You can apply eye liner, mascara and also kajal.

This is how to apply emerald green eyeshadow, just follow these steps and get right away sizzling looking eyes.

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