Homemade Beauty Tips for Fair and Glowing Skin in Summer

Homemade Beauty Tips for Fair and Glowing Skin in Summer are too much important in this season. Every women dreams of flawless fair skin with perfect glowing complexion. It is not at all expensive to get your dream come true. Put side the costly chemical beauty products that are full of side effects and pose a great risk to your natural beauty. Here is a list of essential homemade beauty tips to get fair skin without any risk of damage. This list contain not only the face packs and masks but also the tips for better eating routine and skin care routine to add whitening glow to your skin naturally.

 Homemade Beauty Tips for Fair and Glowing Skin in Summer:

  • Make a mask with half cup of tea water, 2 tbsp of rice flour and 1 tsp of honey. Apply it on your skin and let it dry for 15 – 20 minutes. The rice flour will prove a good scrub and honey bleaches and moisturizes your skin. Before removing the mask massage it in circular motion which will help to remove the dead skin cells and make even skin tone with soft glow. Repeat it after 3- 4 days.
  • Make a face pack with 2 tsp of gram flour, 1 tsp of turmeric and ½ tsp of lemon juice and milk required to make a thick paste. Apply this face pack on your face, scrub gently for few minutes. Leave it dry and rise thoroughly with cool water. It is the best face pack for oily skin type.
  • Take 1 tomato pulp and massage it gently on your skin until it gets dry. Repeat it daily to get fairness and glow on your skin.
  • Take orange peel and dry it in sun. Grind the dried peel and mix gram flour in it. The gram flour should be 1/3 the quantity of peel powder. Keep this powder in an air tight jar. When you want to apply mix the powder in yoghurt to make a paste. Cleanse your skin with it for 15 min. it will rejuvenate your skin and also remove the dark spots to give you a fair even skin tone. Repeat it daily.
  • Make a cleanser with 1 tsp of yoghurt, 1 tsp of lemon and 1 pinch of haldi. Massage it gently on your skin to make your skin fairer and evenly toned.
  • Mix milk, honey and lemon in equal quantity and apply it on your skin to have whitening glow.
  • Eat fruits with vitamin C to get anti oxidants.
  • Eat fresh green vegetables that contain the essential ingredients you need for a fair skin.
  • Add protein and unsaturated fat in your diet.
  • Avoid fried and oily items.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Vinegar with anti oxidants works best to fight against bacterial and fungal infections. It also resolves the ph level of your skin. So, add vinegar in your diet. You can also apply it on your face with a spray bottle.
  • Keep your skin moisturized and cleansed with home made products.
  • Apply sunscreen before going out to avoid tan.
  • Eat healthy food with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits.

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