Bobbi Brown Anti-aging Makeup Tips for Older Women with Cosmetic Details

This company is generally known for her plenty of informative beauty tricks. Are you looking for Boobi Brown secrets foe anti aging make up tips for older women? In past when women begin to age, they just put layers of make up to look younger but now we have acknowledge the role of good diet, exercise and healthy life style in our appearance and age. This is the idea that sparked Bobbi Brown view book “Pretty Powerful” that features her lips and advices. It is actually about enhancing what you have, not hiding or covering it up.

Here are some of the exclusive anti-aging make up tips for older women with cosmetic details from Bobbi Brown’s secrets.


Boobi Brown claims that double moisturizer works well as anti aging trick. First, apply a lighter lotion followed by a rich cream. In this way you need very little application of younger. Blend the moisturizer with foundation to get evenly hydrated.

Pale Eye shadow:

Mostly older women apply nude eye shadow during the day but Boobi Brown recommends that a few shades lighter than your skin tone will look best on your eyes. Brush your eye shadow in bone all over the eyelid. It will instantly make you more awake. For olive skin, try a peachy shade and if you have dark skin, go for a camel here.

Light Shine on Lips:

Brown suggests that any shade of lipstick can look good but texture is the thing that counts. A healthy pink and a natural color of lipstick looks more mature and grown up than a shiny gloss. Your lips should have a low shine. The Brownie is the largest selling lip color.

Coconut Oil as a Body Lotion:

Boobie Brown herself uses coconut oil as a body lotion. It makes skin soft and smooth. It also works as an anti aging factor because it fights against wrinkles and removes marks and scars. Apply few drops of coconut oil on your hair to get a youthful shine.

BB Cream:

A multi tasking BB cream works for your skin throughout the year. It combines moisturizer and anti aging ingredients to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It gives you an even skin tone that give a brightening effect.

Eye Liner:

Apply a liner wide enough to be visible when you open your eyes and lift the arch of your brows. It will work as a make up eye lift.

Other Essential tips:

Eat fruits and vegetables for refreshing your skin. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. Exercise regularly or make a routine of fast walk.

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