Black and White Mehndi Designs for Hands

Black and White Mehndi Designs for Hands for women is major one among top mehndi designs. Mehndi designs are an important part of old fashion trend especially for functions like Wedding. There are many mehndi designs introduce that are different for hand feet and arms. Among these hand mehndi designs are those that majority of girls and women wear in every function not only wedding but other event in various designs like Circle Shape Mehndi Design. This trend is basically set by those women that live in sub-continent. They never left it and when they move in any part of world work on it. With this it will forward to other part of World and designer start work on it. Color of Traditional mehndi designs is black or some time red but now as thus trend is spread in whole over the World some matching are also come that give modern look to mehndi.

Among these matching black and white mehdni designs are that one which famous greater than any other. But here important thing is that this matching is suit for only hand designs. If one make these designs on feet or arms it looks over so must take care of this thing and only wear these types of mehndi designs for hands.

Majority of these Mehndi designs are off black color so use white glitter to make some part of mehndi designs white but must careful that use this white glitter at right places and less part of mehndi designs..

If one sees the detail of Black and White Mehndi Designs then white matching is doing with the help of whiter glitter. Then it will depend on design that how much white glitter is used to introduce some white in it. In some matching white glitter is greater use but majority of time black color is use greater than white glitter.

This variation also depends on nature of function for which one is going to make these designs. Further a pictures gallery is also updated here on this page that contain Black and White Mehndi Designs for Hands. These designs must help one to choose right designs for your hand.

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