Best Tattoos Design on Arms, Hands, Shoulders, Wrist, Neck and Legs

Tattooing and piercing are very much in fashion these days. People like to induce tattoos on different parts of body such as arms, hands, legs, wrists and shoulders. There are various types of tattoos designs that are being experimented these days. Sportsmen mostly like to have tattoos on their shoulders and legs. Arms, hands and wrist tattoos are very much common in general public. Men are usually strong in nature and they exhibit their strength and their valour through these tattoo designs. You can see various men have induced dragons on their arms to show their headstrong determination, energy and strength. The most important thing to consider and think over before the induction of tattoo designs is that it is more or less a permanent design so intelligently select the pattern and part of body where you want to have it.

Best Tattoos Design on Arms, Hands, Shoulders, Wrist, Neck and Legs

The tradition of tattooing has its roots in the religious obligations of ancient Greek and Romans. The signs of Gods and Goddesses and the symbols of various beliefs and faiths were induced in human body. But know with the passage of time, the idea of tattoo designing has been evolved and modernized. Along with the religious symbols, animals, birds, tribal pattern and etc are also being pierced as designs on human body. These are lot of techniques and types in this field. Different inks are also used to add color and attraction. Here is the list of some from the unlimited range of tattoo designs that are best known and looked for these days.

  • Three stars and a sun on hand:

It is a Philippines famous tattoo design that symbolizes the flag of nation. Inspired by it, various tattoo designs are created on a hand that represents the flag of one’s nation to highlight the sense of patriotism.

  • Insects designs:

Spiders and scorpion are the best tattoo designs that fascinate men a lot. Now a day these 3D designs are created on arms, shoulders and back.

  • Devil or angel wings on shoulders:

It is an excellent tattoo design that is created on either of the shoulders angelic wing symbolizes goodness and virtues where as devil wing is a symbol of vice.

  • Tribal symbols:

The representative of different tribes in Africa has tattoos of their tribal symbols right on their arms to identify themselves from the other tribes.

  • Flying bird:

Cool idealistic flying birds are created on arms to symbolize the desire of eternal freedom in man.

  • Cross tattoos:

Cross tattoos are very much in fashion with various innovative experimentations among Christians.

  • Quotation:

A word or a phrase that is your inspiration or that symbolies your life and you can relate to it.

  • Dragon head:

Realistic dragon head is one of the famous tattoo design created on arms or back.

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