Best Nail Shape for Every Fingers

Nails should always be shaped according to the size of your fingers. Wide, short, long and thin fingers must have the nail shape accordingly. For example oval looks good for wide and short fingers. Round shape suits to small nails as this shape break less so it is best for house wives particularly because they have active hands in doing house hold chores. For long narrow and thin fingers, square shape works well. Alongated hands looks beautiful with pointed nails. For long slender fingers squaval shape is highly recommended

  • Here we have given some of the features of various nail shapes which will help you to choose. Best nail shapes for your fingers

Oval: oval is considered to be the elegant nail shape for women. This shape gives a flat look to the wide and narrow nail beds. It also gives length to the tips of the nails which gives a graceful look. To get this shape at home, first file the sides of the nail straight then make a rounded angle from sides to the centre. This will result in a perfect oval shape.

Squoval: It is the combination of oval and square nail shape. Squoval is the most used nail shape because it mostly suits and adds style to almost all fingers. For this shape, make the sides of the nail straight and  then file the corners until your free edge of the nail is rounded and you will have a perfect squoval shape

Square: this is the classic French manicure shape. It has strong straight sides with sharp rounded tips. It mostly suits to bigger nail beds. If you made this shape on small nail beds, it will make them look more small and wide. So, try this shape only on long and big nail beds. To get this shape, first make straight edges, file the corners and make a straight line of free edge.

Round: This is the most conservative and easy to make nail shape. It is perfect for house wives and men. It is good for those who want to have short nails. It gives a flat appearance to the wide nail beds. File the sides straightly and then make a perfect curve of the free edge.

Almond/pointed: this is the best nail shape for nail art, especially in Easton Europe. But it not good for everyday look because it is easily breakable. Mostly the models and women belong to showbiz try this nail shape. This shape gives a longer looks to your fingers. To get this shape, file the nails from the sides to the centre in a slanting manner.

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