Best Makeup Colors for Fair Skin and Blue Eyes What Hair Color goes Best

If you are lucky enough to have naturally pretty blue eyes and ever green glowing fair skin, you might be facing problems in choosing your makeup colors including the color of lipsticks, Eye shadows and blush on. Here some best ideas of Best Makeup Colors for Fair Skin and Blue Eyes and What Hair Color goes Best is try to discuss that must help during makeup. You may be experiencing an overdone makeup. As you have the ideal facial complexion with the highly desired eye color, you just have to enhance your natural beauty with subtle techniques. Its better to avoid making too strong statement that will make your look far less gorgeous than you naturally are. There are some colors of eye shadows that can make your eyes really irresistible. You just have to get them at any cost and apply them rightly for a perfect look. You have to highlight either the lips or the eyes as a general rule but for blue eyes, it is recommended to highlight them instead of lips.

Here we have suggested the best suited makeup colors for blue eyes and fair skin. Try them and see how brilliantly they work on your face.

Best Eye Shadows for Blue Eyes and Fair Skin: There is a wide range of eye shadows that can look good on blue eyes but there are some that are best for perfect enhancing the beauty of boue eyes. Let us discuss a few of them.

  • Orange tones of eye shadows may not be used by your in your entire life
  • But this is the shade that rightly contrasts your blue eyes and makes a gorgeous color pop for you. You do not have to use the bright or neon orange but go for subtle orange based hues such as peach, bronze, rust, coral etc. thus, experiment with this seemingly unflattering shade and a fabulous statement with it.
  • Cool and fresh tones of blue, pink, purple and violet colors can be best choice for blue eyes.
  • You can go for turquoise or real shades of blue to enhance the blue eyes fully. You just have to keep it balanced and do not get it overdone which with make your eyes look horrible.
  • Light purple is the most flattering shade for baby blue eyes. You can also go for violet and lavenders that are highly recommended for blue eyes and fair skin.
  • The neutral shades like champagne look excellent with blue eyes. As they are neutral shades, you can wear them to have a neutral look with any color of outfits. You can consider grey, white, camel, chocolate or khaki colored shadows as natural shades.

What Hair Color goes Best for Fair Skin and Blue Eyes:

Some shades of Red Hair Color:

  • Brownish Copper Red Dye
  • Soft Ginger
  • Bright Orange Red

Some shades of Blonde Hair:

  • Golden Blonde
  • Platinum Blonde
  • Sandy Blonde

Best Lip Colors for Blue Eyes and Fair Skin: With boldly done eyes, go for a glossy pink lip color and do not choose bright color lipsticks with heavy eye makeup. Light shades of pink, peach and brown can go well with bold eye makeup. If you want to highlight the lips with neutral shades of eye shadows, you can go for bright pinks and rosy red. The brighter tones of most of the lip sticks can look good on your fair skin with blue eye.

Best Blush on Shades for Blue Eyes and Fair Skin: Blush on always has to be according to the lip colors. With bright and bold lip color, bright hues of pink blush on go well. With neutral lips, go for neutral shades of peach and pink to blush your cheeks.

Thus you have to wide range of best makeup colors to experiment with on your blue eyes and fair skin and What Hair Color goes Best is also not a difficult task to choose for a complete makeup. Choose for the best one according to your outfits and the occasion for which you are getting ready.

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