Why is Hair Become Dry, Frizzy, Puffy and Ugly

If you are frustrated with your hair that are extremely dry and become frizzy after taking shower thus looks puffy and somewhat ugly, read this article t arm yourself with some knowledge of what frizzy and dry hair is, and what are the causes and what are the important things that you can do to handle that mess on the top of your hand. So, you can make it appear less ugly and a bit better.

Before we consider the plan to prevent dry frizzy hair texture, we should know what frizz is. Frizz is generally the result of broken hair strands and split ends. There are plenty of reasons of hair breakage. The dry and poorly handled hairs are more prone to breakage and splits ends thus tends to be frizzy, puffy and ugly.

Causes of Dry Frizzy Hair:

Anything that damages and weakens the hair can become the cause of frizz in hair. However dry hair contributes a lot in appearance of frizz in hair because they are more susceptible to breakage of hair strands and formation of split ends. Here is a list of major causes of dry frizzy hair.

  • When hair loses his natural oil with over shampooing and styling, it becomes dry and frizzy.
  • Hairs get damage due to the use of harsh chemicals like high chemical conditioners, sprays, serum and shampoos which becomes the cause of dryness and frizz.
  • Intense heat during blow dry, curling or ironing is extremely harmful and damages the texture of your hair so your hairs become dry and frizzy
  • Hairs also get damaged due to excessive friction produced with vigorous brushing.
  • Mal handling of hair, improper care and use of harsh towels on wet hair also causes breakage.
  • If you tie your hair very tightly for long days, it can also cause breakage of strands.

Steps to Prevent Dry Frizzy Hair:

  • Shampoos have strong cleaning agents to clean the dirt of your hair but these agents also take off the natural protective oils. So, do not shampoo your hair daily, it will cause harm.
  • Avoid using intense heat.
  • Blow dry only the roots of hairs and leave the ends moist.
  • Keep your hair moisturized. Deep conditioning with any of the natural oils will prevent dryness.
  • Prefer home remedies to the chemical products.
  • After washing take few drops of coconut oil in your hands and apply on your hair. It will works well against frizz.

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