What to Do When Food Gets Stuck in Throat

When we do not chew food properly, it stuck in the esophagus. Food items such as chicken or fish bones, dry or crusty bread, steak pieces. And hard buns may stuck in the throat. When we eat, the sliva produced in our mouth, moist it and make it easy to digest but small particles of food remain somewhere in between mouth and stomach causing pain irritation and a lumpy feeling in the throat. Sometimes, in worst conditions it may chock your throat.

Most of the time, the stuck foods dissolves on it own by being exposed to the saliva of mouth. You can eat a chewing gum to increase the saliva formation and moisten the particles in the throat. if it does not work and your conditions remains same after sometime , you should drink plenty of fluid like warm or coffee, water or some acidic drink like vinegar. It will moisten the esophagus, and help the food to get dissolved. It will also help to push the food particle down into the stomach. If it does not work, you should take some warm water. Add a little amount of salt in it and gargle but keep in mind that gargling may induce vomiting, if you are full. But it will give you relief from the lumpy feeling in the throat.

What to Do When Food Gets Stuck in Throat

Another remedy for food struck in throat is to chew big pieces of bread completely and swallow it quickly. It will be thoroughly moist and will also take the food stuck in the throat with it into the stomach. If the food particle that stuck was very big and is being hurting you even after it has gotten down in stomach, you should gargle with warm water.

Add some hydrogen peroxide, honey and vinegar in it to kill the germs and heal the throat. It will also prevent the infection that is more likely to happen in your throat.

If the obstruction is the stubborn one like a chicken bone, break an egg in a cup and swallow its whole. It will take the hardest food item with it. Other wise gargle with vinegar that will soften the bone and make it easily dissolvable.

If you feeling any difficulty in breathing with the food struck, you immediately have to consult the doctor. If there is a repeated problem of food stucking in your throat, you should have to visit the doctor because it can be a symptom of some serious disease.

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