What is Appropriate for Women to Wear on a Black Tie Optional Wedding in the Summer?

If you have received an invitation of a black tie wedding in summer, you may be confused about what is expected from you to wear on such weddings. So its must to know that What is Appropriate for Women to Wear on a Black Tie Optional Wedding in the Summer? One thing is pretty obvious about black tie weddings is that these weddings are highly formal so wearing an inappropriate dress means that either you have read the invite proper or you are being rude with the host. There are also some chances of even not allowing you to attend the wedding, depending on the sort like summer daytime wedding dress is different from evening and night timing wedding. Therefore, knowing the expectations of such a wedding will help you to decide what to wear.

Firstly you have to read the invitation carefully as there is just a subtle difference among “black tie option”, “black tie Preferred “and “black tie”. You should also keep in mind, the time of the day and the month of the year in which the wedding is taking place, while selecting the most appreciate dress for wedding. Evening wedding is more formal than day time weddings.

In the same way, winters weddings are comparatively more formal than that of the weddings taking place in summer season. The black tie optional suggests that though the wedding is formal yet you have more room to select your wedding attire for such a wedding.

In these weddings, you may find almost half of the crowd in black tie and other half in highly formal dresses. If you still wonder that what is more appropriate dress to wear on a black tie optional wedding in summer season, you can ask the other friends going to attend the wedding or directly ask the host.

  • Here are some of the suggested outfit’s styles that can be worn by women on a black tie optional wedding in summers.

Wear a Floor Maxi Gown:

A floor length maxi gown is more formal than a short grown or frock. The elegant long gown must have a nicely embellished neckline or waistline. There are various gowns available in markets that are sleeveless and perfectly prepared to wear on the formal wedding occasions. If you do not have a maxi gown available at the time, you can also opt for a knee length formal frock.

A long ball gown with a full shirt is also a choice for a black tie optional wedding. For old ladies maxi gown is the best choice while younger ladies have the option of both the long gowns and short frocks. In case of wearing maxi skirt Its necessary to select right top for Maxi skirt in summer that must gives you an elegant look.

Choose a Formal Dark Color for Your Dress:

The color of the dress may add a lot to the formality of the dress. Black is mostly preferred for such events. Rich and delicate details and interesting texture can make your black dress more formal.

If not black, you can opt for deep colors like maroon, blue, brown and rich purple etc. red and white can also be considered depending on what the bride is wearing if she is wearing either of the two colors, don’t wear it.

Choose the Trendy Formal Accessories:

You can choose a trendy jewelry matching to the dress to add sparkle to your look. You can wear the real pearls or diamonds to shine in such wedding.

So, knowing the most appropriate outfits for black tie optional wedding may help you out in choosing the right dress for you and understand that What is appropriate for women to wear on a black tie optional wedding in the Summer? and make a best wedding.

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