What Colour Shoes to Wear with Khaki Chinos

Khaki chinos are basically the pants which are made up of strong cotton fabric. The fabric of these pants is light, durable and very comfortable to wear. In the mid of 19th century this color became popular in the UK. Before this in UK and in US these chinos were the part of military uniform. The original color of khakis is khaki color but at present these are coming in several shades. These trousers were made for men but now women also worn these. These khakis are casual wear but most of the people do mistake by wearing them as a formal wear, can be worn on semi-formal events. These are considered as the best alternative of jeans. You can wear them in many ways but its important that What colour shoes to wear with Khaki Chinos.

Few of options are mentioned that cover complete matching…

Khaki chinos works well if you combine it with White OCBD shirt and with brown chukka boats this will give a complete classical look you can wear this if you are going to work in office.

  • However, it will be perfect if you put a brown leather belt, classic dive watch and a Navy blue jacket for going to dinner, or on the weekend and on week nights. In summers you can take off the jacket and roll your sleeves will give you comfort and casual look. This outfit is best for winter season.
  • For a business look wear dark tan khaki chinos with light blue button-down shirt and with brown wingtips. You can also enhance your look by accessorizing yourself with non-traditional blue blazer, pink dotted tie and with matching socks. This dress is another version of conventional menswear but with slightly stylish touch.
  • To fight against the chill with the khaki chinos, wear white Henley shirt and in foot wear it is best to wear brown boots. For a more stylish look add denim jacket and braided leather belt. Denim jacket will be used as an extra layer thus this helps to maintain the temperature of the body.
  • For a warm-weather and for snappy casual look with khaki chinos wear chambray shirt having full sleeves and light blue sneakers. You can also add leather belt that is of brown color.

In summers pair your khaki chino with navy blue stripped T-shirt and with crisp white sneakers. These shoes are exceptionally comfortable and durable and they are thought best to wear them in summer. This is the best outfit to beat the heat in a very simple casual way you can also add braided leather belt.

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