Ways of How to Use an Umbrella to Protect Dressing Up for a Out When its Raining?

Umbrella is use at different places and beneficial just like during rain and sunlight. It gives you protection from UV rays because these rays damage your skin. On the other hand several peoples use umbrella in rainy season for protection of their dressing. Here we also share with you Ways of How to Use an Umbrella to protect Dressing up for a out when it’s raining? Umbrella is available in different styles and shapes, so that one can use according to their choice. Beside this every year national umbrella day is celebrated on February 10 in all over the world. From this example you can imagine the importance umbrella. Different popular celebrities also use umbrella in rainy season for protection of their dressing and as fashion statement. Especially some famous Hollywood female celebrities like Rihanna, lisa wilkinson, kelly, are carry umbrella with their dress color. Among them Rihanna is very fashion conscious lady and she know well what color of umbrella looking very charming with their dressing. Recently she was walking in los Angeles in a rainy day and she was wear grey crop top with white skirt. In this style she was carry grey color umbrella and looking very beautiful.

Tip to Use Umbrella when it’s Raining:

As you know in this modern time period stylish umbrella consider an accessory which draw attention of other people. So you should know very well about this fashion accessory what color used with their outfit in a rainy day.

  • First of all select a rain boot that match with your outfit. Because Umbrella is use to only cover your outfit for this shoes must be equal important to protect in this type of season so for this rain boots are best option to wear.
  • Now moving towards the Umbrella then try to keep it against the direction of shower. Like if wind is blow then do try to take your Umbrella against it in  both case of if you walk against or in direction of wind.
  • Take it in left or right hand according to direction of wind in rain. If rain fall on right of your head then held it from both hands and try to cover yourself maximum as you can do. In if it is in any of other direction then try to stop it with the help of Umbrella.
  • Quality of Umbrella is also too much important so be conscious at time of purchasing, select a quality one that cover wide area and perfect when one goes to open it.

The most important thing is your out fit because in case of look good its important that one must match outfit with Umbrella. So below explain the detail of wearing matching outfits with umbrella and you can use other fashion accessories like gold or statement jewelry ,handbags, wristwatches etc.

  • Yellow, pink and white umbrella is going very well with black outfits.
  • If you can wear grey top with white skirt or white top with black jeans or red top then carry grey color umbrella.
  • Black color umbrella looking very smart with every color of outfit.

One can carry baby pink umbrella with white t shirt with shorts. Hopefully this all information must enough to understand the ways of How to use an umbrella to protect dressing up for a out when its raining? with matching outfit so must enjoys your time in rain by following these instructions.

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