Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs and Ideas 2023

If you have planned a romantic date for this valentine and want to look stunning and gorgeous in every aspect. If you want to create an easy valentine nail art designs at home, keep on reading this article to get a step by step nail art tutorial of Valentine’s Day 2023.

  • Paint your nails with a white or pink nail color. Let it dry and apply another coat to keep t solid and even. But make sure that there was no old nail color on your nail. If any, than remove it first with the nail remover.
  • Once a base color is completely dry use a tip brush to apply random spots of vibrant colors like red, orange and purple.
  • Now use a pointed brush to make hearts on the whole nail with concentration. Do not let the nail color smear around because it will spoil your whole valentine nail art design. You have to do a little practice to create a tiny hearts on your nails. You can also make other sexy shapes for example draw small lips to give an impression of kiss.
  • Add a top coat and let it dry. Now you are ready to eat heart shaped chocolates with your heart nail art design.

Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs and Ideas 2023

You can also go for other innovative ideas of nail art for the valentine day of 2023. Some of these are written below.

  • As red is considered the most weared color on Valentines Day because it is a symbol of passionate love, union and happiness. You can have a nail art design with bright red base coat nail polish and draw patterns of white and black on the red color.
  • To have a formal nail art design, use small pearls to paste in the form of flower or heart on the red nail color.
  • Apply a bright color nail polish that contrasts to your outfits. It can be shocking pink, orange, green or red etc. Use white acrylic paint to write alphabets of “Love” on each of your fingers with nail art brush.  This would look really romantic and loveable. You can also write some other lovely words or the first alphabet of your partner’s name on one finger, draw hearts on the two central fingers and then the first alphabet of your name on the last finger.
  • You can use heart shaped stickers to apply on your nails. If you are not good at free drawings.

Make use of these nail art designs ideas that are easy to create at home and rock this valentine’s that is soon to come.

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