Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial 2023

If you are planning to go out for a romantic Valentine’s Day date, this February 14, we are here to suggest make up look in accordance to the loved up mood for the day. We have some expert tips that will help you to get a fabulous and romantic look that you and your loved one will definitely love. So, keep on reading this article to get the tutorial of ultimate romantic look for Valentine’s Day.

Make up According to Skin Type:

For a romantic look, you need to choose right shades according to your skin type.

  • If you have porcelain skin, your lipstick should be of brownish pink or apricot shade, light peach blush and natural colors for eye shadows will be good.
  • For medium skin tone; peachy pink, plum and brown for lipstick, coral pink and light orange for blush and earthy brown or shades of green work best.
  • For dark olive skin tone; dark and warm color lipstick, apricot and peachy pink blush, olive and plum shades in eyes is best.
  • Deep skin can look awesome with any of the dark colors on lips, plum or apricot blush, bronze, olive and plum on eyes.

Application of Make up

To have an excellent romantic look, you should have an even skin tone and properly cleansed and hydrated skin. It will make the make up application easy.

Apply Foundation:

Apply a light reflecting liquid foundation. Use concealer where needed. Settle the foundation with evenly loose powder application.

Apply Blush on Cheeks:

Apply a blend of beige and pink blush on your cheeks. Blend upwards on the cheek bone. To add extra warmth to your face, apply light dusting of bronze along the edges of face and around bridge of nose.

Application of Eye Shadows:

Apply beige eye shadows and blend it with shimmery Champaign or copper color. Apply the thin line near the upper lash of eye liner. Thicken the line from the middle of lash towards the outer edge of eye. Create a curve at the end for a subtle flick. Draw another line on the lower lash. Curl the lashes and apply mascara.

Apply Lipstick:

Apply silky lip gloss on your pinkish lipstick to have a glossy finish. You can also select the lip color according to your skin tone.

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