Valentine Rose Day 2023 Greetings, Red Flowers Gift Ideas, Dresses

Te rose day marks the beginning of Valentine’s week. It is 7th February on which roses are given to the loved ones to make them fee special and convey the heartiest feels that words fail to frame. There is nothing in the world that is better than a rose to express the ethereal emotions of love. Rose personifies the delicate beauty and strong passions. Can you consider a thing so natural and so tender to express your love than a crimson rose?

February is a love month which is not limited to 14th February, the Valentine’s Day alone. The festival of love begins with the rose day 7th February followed by a whole week of celebrations of love. It makes a chain of beautiful cycle of timid and linear progress of love.

Valentine Rose Day 2023 Greetings, Red Flowers Gift Ideas, Dresses

  • A few fresh roses with sweet fragrance are best and most appropriate thing to present on rose day.
  • A long with roses sent your loved ones the greeting cards and sms expressing the deepest feelings of love for him/her.
  • Arrange small but exciting surprise foe him/her and impress him/ her with your thoughtfulness.
  • Present some roses chocolates to your loved one and make this gift special with wrapping it in a beautiful heart shaped box and red sheet that express your love for the special one.
  • Present a special bouquet of rose to him or her. You can surprise them with these fresh flowers by sending them earl in the morning so that he/she wakes up to find your special love and care shown by flowers.
  • Plan a gift of jewelry for your girl friend. It can be some delicate brooch, bracelet, necklace or ring that should be in the shape of roses. You can easily find designers rose shaped jewelry in markets.

As rose is a symbol of love and passion, it is presented on rose day in the beginning of love week. Most people choose traditional red rose which has become a cliché of expression of tender love. If you want to be different by presenting other colors of roses than you have to know what specific message each color convey. So, here is a list.

  • Pink: gentle feelings of love, mostly presented to girls.
  • Dark pink: gratitude
  • Light Pink : Sympathy
  • Yellow: Friendship. joy and celebration
  • Lilac: Love at first sight
  • Red: Love and passion
  • Peach: Appreciation  and desire
  • Blue: Mystery
  • Purple: Protection
  • Black: End of relationship

So choose the color of rose that express your real feelings. Do not go for wrong color because that will result in anything that you do not want.

The rose day of 2023 is coming close , mark it little different from the rest , celebrate your love and affection with a budding blossom or a whole bunch of beautiful roses and whisper the enchanting words of love in your loved one’s ear.

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