How to Treat Dry Hands and Feet in Winter Season

Here we share with you how to treat with dry hands and feet in winter season. Our hands and feet work all day and some time over tight. Our hands and feet required more attention instead of other body organs. There are various reasons of dryness just like working long time in water, wash clothes or dishes and the main reason of dryness is winters. Some people have sensitive skin and they are much affected in this winter season. Cold air and cold water leave off your natural skin moisturizer and make your skin dry. Some time skin dry due to the with age and loses elasticity and beside this air condition, heating and long time contact with dirt or water leave off skin moisturizer and make them dry.

This is right place where one can find out the treatment of dry hands and feet in winter weather .There are different homemade remedies to treat well in this dry condition and we mention some effective remedies for dryness.

Homemade remedies for dry hands and feet

Lemon juice, rose water and glycerin mixture is best for dry skin and used this homemade lotion at night before going to bed. Beside these take honey and zinc oxide paste and also mix with them one egg yolk and apply on hands and feet at night and cover with gloves overnight. Then in the morning wash it with cold water and you can feel your hands and feet are so soft.

Always keep your hands an feet moisturize and here we share with you a home made natural moisturizer .Take wheat germ oil and mix with any essential oil and mix well with each other and use it two time in a day, morning and night. Your feet also very important because it works so hard and keep them beautiful with care. When you take bath scrub your feet to remove dry skin cell and after this apply a deep moisturizer and before going to bed wear a pair of socks for intense healing. Beside this one can use aloe Vera cream at night and this cream consider best for dryness. Drink a lot of water because water hydrates your skin and overcome the chance of dryness in winter season. Always use moisturizer after the touch of water and this is aright place for dryness remedies, so keep in touch with this page.

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