Top Ten Farewell Gifts Ideas for Women

Saying goodbye to the one who is leaving or departing you whether it is to a friend at school, a family members moving across the world or a co worker who is changing his job or is being retired is not so easy. Farewell gifts give you a chance to express your love and attachment with the person leaving. The list of top ten farewell gifts is given in the article. It will provide the person with reminder of quality time that you spend with him.

  • Make a scrap book for the person leaving. It should contain the pictures that you have with him. If a person is your co worker or a friend you can add group photos with other employees and friends. It will be a best farewell gift that contains the visual memories of your loved one.
  • You can create a comment book or dairy in which there can be the comments, remarks and autographs of the close persons. You can share with him the most memorable and exciting event with him by writing it in that dairy. It would be precious and unique gift for farewell.
  • You can gift your friend the exclusive photograph with you in a beautiful photo frame. It will connect him with the quality time and memories of you as friend.
  • You can buy an address book or a planner for a person who is leaving. Fill in it with all the phone nos. address and e mails of the co workers and friends. You can add the important dates like birthdays and anniversaries to remind him.
  • You can gift the person with his favorite magazines and books to make a package to read during his journey.
  • Throw a dinner party to surprise your friend. Invite the friends and family to bid the farewell. It will be the exciting and happiest thing that you can do for the person who is leaving to add to the fine memories of his life.
  • You can gift him with his favorite perfumes or body sprays or anything of his daily use.
  • Write your autograph on a wonderful coffee mug so that whenever he will drink coffee in it, your memory will come to his mind.
  • Gift him with the T shirt with your photo printed on it.
  • Record a CD with the favorite songs of the receiver.

You can choose any of the above mentioned gifts ideas to say nostalgic good bye but you have to select according to the likings of the receiver.

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