Tips to Hide Pimples on Face

Acne has become a common affliction of oily skin. It becomes more problematic when you have got some where urgently or you have to attend a wedding or a family occasion. In this article we will give you several makeup tips that can hide even the pesky pimples that never seems go away. You can cover these tiny monsters for time being and fully enjoy the event. You just have to follow these easy steps.

How to Hide Pimples on Face are given there..

  • Before beginning the make over, cleanse your whole face and especially the affected area. Use the oil free cleanser gently. After cleaning the face, apply a light moisturizing cream. Pat the afflicted area with a tissue paper. Now it is completely clean and will allow the makeup to go on more smoothly.
  • Try a green concealer. Apply it on the exact top of the pimple and blend it with your finger until it gets melted.
  • Use a concealer that matches to your skin tone to apply it around the pimple that will cover the redness and swelling around it.
  • To cover the white heads of the pimple, you can use mineral makeup powder. Dab it on until the white head is completely hidden. This mineral powder will remain on skin for long time and will not get absorbed.
  • In order to lesson the risk of any infection in the pimples through makeup application, you have to apply a thin layer of acne ointment on your face and leave it for 5 minutes. Apply an antibacterial product directly on the pimples.
  • ¬†After hiding the affected area with concealer, apply a light foundation or mineral base on your whole face. Always use medicated foundation on acne afflicted face.
  • Apply loose powder on your face and use it for touch ups during the day.
  • Remove your makeup with acne fighting cleansing pads.
  • By following these steps you can perfectly conceal the pimples on your face and can also avoid any further infection.

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