Tips to Apply Bleach on Face in Summer

Some tips for applying bleach in face skin in summer are necessary to follow when one is going to apply it. Majority of women apply facial bleach for lighten of face skin and to remove all facial hairs of face. In summer season both of these things are important for women because skin will go dark and dull with heat of summer. And hairs on face must irritate one in such heat of summer so one try to get rid from it and for this bleach is first option for number of women. Here another thing is also important to mention that bleach has many side effects for face skin. For a short period of time it will surely glowing your skin with cleaning face. But with passage of time this glowing skin going dull and before specific age one look older than their age. Further it’s up to you because now many top brands also launch bleach that has minimum side effects and if one follows given instructions then it will also help to minimize the side effects.

Tips to Apply Bleach on Face:

  • Before applying beach one must confirm that bleach is highly diluted.
  • In summer when one mix bleach in water then take greater amount of water. This quantity is divides in such way that 1/4 teaspoon of bleach with three quarts and 12 ounces of such less warm water.
  • After mixing it in water don’t take in refrigerator because majority of women thinks that in summer they can use it after cooling. But this is really harmful and later on gives worst results.
  • Don’t use it directly on face after making its mixture, for this check it small skin part of arm with cotton pad and wait at least for one day to check further results.
  • If it give positive response and skin will safe then apply a thin layer of this diluted solution of bleach on face and then give him 10 minutes time for dry.
  • After ten minutes wash your face with the face wash or some other kind of soap with clean water. Use some kind of moisturizing cream after washing face because it make it soft.

In case if one feel any side effects or sees some redness that also looks allergy then never do any experiment and go to doctor for treatment. If one treat these redness or allergy at home the further it cause permanent scars on face that are too much difficult to remove.

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