Tips for Getting Smoother Eyebrows

The eyebrow is an area of thick and delicate short hair above eyes. It is natural protection for an eye which prevents dust, sweat and other small particles to fall directly in the eye. A desire to look beautiful and elegant led people to shape their eyebrows. For this purpose various pluckers, razors, blades and threads are used. The frequent plucking, excessive use of make up products and of different brands, and the use of razors and blades without training become the cause of roughness in eyebrows.

Following are some of the applicable tips to get smooth eyebrows:

  • Apply clear mascara on the eyebrows .It will give a softer look to your eyebrows for time being. Those who are professional job holders and doing some business have not much time to do time consuming treatment, they can easily apply mascara to solve their problem.
  • You can apply Vaseline and a thick moisturizing cream at night after removing the make up. It will also gradually soften the eyebrows. After applying the moisture, try shaping your eyebrows with your fingers. It will be effective to maintain the shape.
  • Don’t pluck your eyebrows frequently. Let them grow longer and then make the shape you want. It will reduce the chances of roughness.
  • Rough eyebrows can be look soft by the use of eyebrow gel.
  • A good home remedy to make your eyebrows soft is to apply a cocoa butter to your eyebrows. It will make them soft and smooth for a long time.

The most effective tip of above all is to use a moisturizer. It will make your eyebrows look smooth all the time.

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