Tie Dye Nails in Summer Instructions to Make at Home

Important instructions to make Tie Dye Nails at home in summer are given there. Tie dye nail is one popular pattern in summer and number of women especially from America follows this nail trend as summer will come. These step by step instructions through which one can do this pattern so easy at home. Basically there are two ways to do this pattern, one is with the help of water and other is without water. Here we try to discuss those instructions that follow a procedure with water. Because this process is quite simple and one can easily do it at home. Tie dye nail patterns are not easy to make so must take care of everything. Now as summer will come so in this type of weather it will greater difficult because chances of disorder of nail pattern is also going high. Follow a proper procedure with safety precautions.

Tie Dye Nails in Summer Instructions:

  • Before start of pattern must apply a base coat that is properly dry before start of making pattern.
  • As safety precaution covers the skin that is surrounding the nails. Without this surrounding of nails is also colored with multiple colors.
  • Then select minimum three or more then nail polish colors and mix two drops of every color in water at room temperature.
  • Put these nail polish drops as quickly as possible because if one late in mixing then it will separate over the surface of water.
  • Then mix these nail polish colors as soon as possible because if one do it quickly it will more dissolve and will become more effective.
  • Now process of color your nails is start and dip your figures after one another. Dip one finger for only a few seconds.

After dip pull it out and must take time to dry it. As these colors are dry the apply top coat on it that will must enhance its attraction and must useful to shine it well.

In Summer Instructions to Make Tie Dye Nails at Home are given above. One must take care all safety precautions and always take care of time and other things then it will become more easy.

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