Tie Dye Cake Recipe from Scratch without Soda

Method of making Tie Dye Cake Recipe from Scratch without Soda is not difficult if one follow a proper procedure. This is one favorite cake that is of very special type; beauty of this cake is that it is baked in multiple colors. Especially in America this type of cake is greater popular then other part of world. In America number availability of this cake is not difficult and by giving order one can easily prepare it. But peoples from other regions face difficulty to get this tie dye cake. Now they all can make this cake easily at home and there is not too many things needed to make it. Here an important thing is that in a common method of making this cake soda is used.

If soda is use in proper ratio then it is not harmful. But according to majority of peoples it is not good for health. And it’s also true that if a mistake is take in its mixing then it will cause a major damage. Due to these whole reasons the procedure that gives below is free from soda.


  • At start one need a mixture of scratch mix cake but this is completely mixed and available in powdered form.
  • Then mix this powder in water and divide this batter in six cups. Divide this mixture in such a way that amount of mixture in decreased in every cup later as it goes down from first one. Last bowl contains minimum amount of mixture.
  • Then now step come of coloring the mixture in which one mix desire color in every bowl according to amount of batter mixture. Must take care the ratio of color and batter when going to mix color.
  • After color mixing step baking process will start in which one take half bowl of batter and put it in the middle of baking pan.
  • The put half mixture of second bowl on middle of first one and then repeat this procedure of putting one layer on other until last bowl will come.
  • For second bake pan same procedure will repeat but this time color order will change.

Now time come for giving temperature and this step is too much important because in case of greater temp it will burn and less temperature is not enough to bake. Time duration is also important as temperature.


  • 350ºF/180ºC


  • 15 to 20 Minutes

Further to check that how much it will bake one insert a toothpick in middle of cake. In case of tooth pick coming out clean indicates that it is complete. If one feel that it will complete them cool it and within minutes it is ready.

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