South Indian Bridal Makeup Tips with Photos

Wedding is a great day for every bride and they have a deep desire to look beautiful. For this purpose she uses different accessories to enhance their beauty including makeup. Makeup is considering very important thing for bridal preparation and here we share with you south Indian bridal makeup tips. A south Indian bride can be recognized with her elaborate ornaments. South Indian celebrates this event in a colorful way and bride wear traditional jewelry. Head dress is one of the different things in south Indian brides, which is an instant eye catcher. For this reason these brides wear a lot of makeup along with bright and bold colors.

South Indian Bridal Makeup Tips

The first thing which you remember before applying bridal makeup and that is cleansing. Clean your face with cleansing milk along with mild scrub so that this thing remove all dirt and dead skin cells from face. Through this you ready your skin for heavy make and after this use a best quality primer or concealer to hide dark spots and dark circle under eyes. Primer also help your makeup last perfectly till the end.

Then apply foundation evenly all over face including neck area and choose that foundation which is perfect to your skin tone. Now start your eye make with a brightening eye cream. There are so many brad which introduce a best quality eye creams and from them you choose one of the best. One can also use eye primer o the lids because this application will make your eye color prominent. Apply a nude shade with glitters on your eye brows bones and inner corner of the eyes because through this you give your eyes a brighter appearance.

Use black color eye liner to make your eyes more prominent .Finish your eye makeup by applying oodles mascara on the lashes. Apply bronzer across the hollow area and it should start from the center of the cheeks and extend towards the ears. The final step is the lip makeup and applies a lip balm to make your lip soft and smooth. Apply a bright lip color lipstick and choose the best shades in berry or wine tones. These colors look good on Indian complexion.

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