Simple Nail Art Designs 2023

Nail art designs are becoming popular day by day. They are now considered as the essential part of hand and foot decoration along with floral patterns of mehndi. You can surf on internet for hundreds of nail art designs with vibrant colors combinations, exclusive floral patterns, embellished with glitters, pearls, stars and lot of tiny fancy material. But the question is how to actually create those designs on your real nail. Those intricate patterns might need a lot of practice for proper neat application for those housewives who may have hard enough time applying a single coat without making a huge smeary mess.

But ladies you have nothing to worry because this article is going to equip you with the simple and the easiest tips and tricks that will guide you enough. So that you will be able to create simple but elegant nail art designs that are the best of latest of 2023.

Simple Nail Art Designs 2023

  • You can use an old gel pin to create intricate designs on your nail but give it time to dry completely. Draw easy and innovative patterns of white or black acrylic color on the bright base coat.
  • Take a baby pin and make scattered polka dots on a base coat of your favorite color. It not only looks trendy but also is easy and quick to create.
  • Buy a super thin nail tape and enjoying experimenting different types of lines and strips on your nails. It is a very simple trick to have the thinnest strips on your nails. You just have to apply a base coat. Let it dry and palette tape on the area that you want to be as it is. Make thick vertical or horizontal strips with appointed gel stick as you draw a line across the ruler.
  • You can use a toothpick to create floral patterns on your nails. It can work much better than the pointed nail art tools.

More Tips:

  • Take small studs and make a small flower with these studs at the corner of your nail using a toothpick. Apply sticky gel on a pointed edge of a toothpick and pick the stud with it to place it carefully on your nail. Let it be unless it sticks the nail properly.
  • Instead of applying an extra layer of glittered gel on the base coat, you can make any of your base coat polish, a glittered nail polish by adding a pinch or two of dry glitter into the polis bottle and shake it well. Now just apply it as glitter nail polish without wasting money on an extra coat of glitter gel.
  • You can create a small heart with heart-shaped hole punch and painter’s tape.

You can have a funky nail art design by writing each alphabet on a nail to make a word by joining the fingers. The word has to be of four letters like love, cool etc. This all nail art designs are really simple and they are also easy to style so must try them.

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