Roberto Firmino Haircut 2023 Hairstyle New

Every star has a wish that people follow his style and Roberto Firmino is also well liked by his fans. He changed his hairstyle from time to time in different styles. Now Roberto Firmino new haircut 2023 becomes very popular and his latest Hairstyle is short hair around the bottom of the head and left long hair at the top of the head. He is world-class Brazilian soccer and as you know Brazilian footballer players due to his interesting appearances and his awesome Personality. There is a rumor about the hairstyle of this charming personality that is he changed his haircut in 2023. Besides this, at this place, we also take a review of his past hairstyles in detail with pictures. So that if someone wants to cut his hair like Roberto Firmino then these pictures will help you in choosing the right haircut.

Roberto Firmino Haircut 2023:

Like other sports personalities, Roberto Firmino also changed his hairstyle especially before a popular sports event like the football world cup as well. Because during the series million of his lover whether in the ground or outside must follow him and like to copy his hairstyle even sports dress too.

  • In 2023 his new haircut is shaved sides with a long top

fade firmino hairstyle

Roberto Firmino New Hairstyle Name:

There is some unique hairstyle which he adopts during his sports career like ponytail and Mohawk with long, short and medium hair length. Here we give you the detail of all his hairstyles with possible names so that you can choose any hairstyle without wasting their time. Simply go to the barbershop and tell him about the hairstyle name. All names are listed below………

No.1 Long Hairstyle
No.2 Curly Hairs
No.3 Ponytail Hairstyle
No.4 Mohawk Hairstyle
No.5 Lockdown Hair
No.6 Quarantine Hair

Roberto Firmino Long Hair:

He has worn different designs of long hair like shaved sides with a top long ponytail, trimmed sides and keep with a long top, long curly hair. So he considers the versatile and fashion icon in the field of hairstyling.

men long hair undercut

Roberto Firmino Curly Hairstyle:

Some people have naturally curly hair and they enhance their curls with help of mousse or pomade. Roberto Firmino also goes with curly hair at the top of the head and on some occasions, curls could be seen all over the head. But every style groomed his personality and enhances his facial feature.

firmino curly hair

Roberto Firmino Ponytail:

There is a number of celebrities related to sports who keep ponytail hairstyle with long and short hair. But Roberto Firmino’s ponytail is quite different because he shaved the sides of the head and make a cute pony at the top of the head with a long part of the hair.

ponytail roberto firmino hairstyle

Roberto Firmino Mohawk Haircut:

  • Nowadays, Mohawk is one of the most popular hairstyles among football players, media personalities, and com persons too. Roberto Firmino tries Mohawk’s hairstyle with curly and spiky hairs. You can tries taper fade Mohawk as a casual use and besides this, there are many types of this style according to your choice.

Roberto Firmino Lockdown Hair {Quarantine}:

In this pandemic, every person faces lockdown and quarantine himself at home for a long time. So during this period sportspersons are also affected and do different experiments with their hair at home. Roberto Firmino has curly hair like the 1980s but this style is looking great with his face shape.

Roberto Firmino Blond & Red Hair:

There is a trend to colored hair whether women or men and Roberto Firmino use red and blond color to give a fresh look to his hair. He tries blond color at his spiky hairstyle and uses red color with thick curly Mohawk.

Roberto Firmino Short Hair

He tries a short hairstyle with a taper fade haircut, shaved sides with a little bit of short hair, and overall short hair and short undercut. People go with short hair because this haircut is easy to maintain and wear on every occasion.

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