Proper Way to Use Bobby Pins Correctly To Style Short Curly Hair

Here we are with some of the life changing ways by which you can make use of these bobby pins. They are one of those few exquisiteness tools that have these nonstop uses. if you want to give your appearance that “wow” factor and if you want to leave everyone to keep on asking from you that what your secret is then check out this post! We will let you know the proper way to use bobby pins correctly:

Flipping The Bobby Pins

In order to have better grip, you should flip the bobby pin right over, in the way that the wavy side of that pin will be against your head. At times, it becomes hard time to keep your bobby pins right in place so you can try flipping those pin over. It will too let you to style short curly hair properly.

Spray Texture Spray On Your bobby Pins

You should also spray dry shampoo  spray on your bobby pin just before insertion, it will put off slippage. You just have to spray on the inside of your bobby pin so that a little more grip can be given to these pins so that they can hold your curly hairs.

Using The “Locking” Technique

You can too try out the “locking” technique in order to ensure that your pin stays in place in curly hairs. By using larger bobby pin, you have to open end of that pin just against the direction where your hair has been pulled. Then you can rotate the pin, in this way the open end will be facing the same direction like that of your hair. You have to push the pin right in toward your head in order to secure it.

Hidden Bobby Pins

You can too secure that end of your braid with the help of a hidden bobby. You just have to tie up the ends of your braid into that knot, now slide a bobby pin just upward into the knot. In this way, these pins will not be seen by any one because they will be hidden!

So, this is the proper way to use bobby pins correctly! Now to style short curly hair of yours is all easy now because you have now fully understand the use of these pins. Your curly will look more composed and manageable now.

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