Old Makeup Cosmetics Side Effects, Infections

When even you buy expensive makeup, you refuse to throw them out till it ends. Squeeze the tubes to get even the last drop because you thick that your money is properly expensed in this way. You have to keep in mind that every makeup product comes with an expiry date and using the product beyond that date is an open invitation to various skin and eye infections. In this article, we have discussed the side effects various oils and contaminated cosmetic products that cause severe infections.

  • All beauty products have some expiry time and after that the preservatives stop to work and increase the risk of infection. Some ingredients can regenerate and some can become more active and stronger that gives way to various skin problems such as allergies, infections, rashes, pimples and red spots etc.

The eye make up products can cause eye infections, if old and contaminated. In the countries like Pakistan and India the expiry dates are not even mentioned on some cosmetics products.

Generally speaking. The average expiry date of eye make up is one year and of other make products, it’s usually two years. After this time, you have to throw it out whether it’s finished or not.

Side Effects of Eye Make up:

People who wear contact lenses or have sensitive eyes are more prone to eye infections due to cosmetic products. The serious eye problem that can be caused with eye make up is injury of cornea. By touching of mascara or liner in the eye or by a finger nail, a stretched can be caused on cornea.

  • These stretches can become infections, if not provided proper medication. It is painful and causes redness and irritation in eyes. If the contaminated mascara or liner particle falls in eyes, it can also cause serious eye infections. There are preservatives in eye make up that prevent the growth of bacteria but after the expiry date, these preservatives stop working.

The applicators of eye make up should be also germ fire because if they are contaminated, there are more causes of infection in eye ball. The dust of the eye shadows if enters, in the eyes may cause redness. Using excessive mascara may restrict the growth of lashes.

Side Effects of Other Make up:

If you use the cheap, low quality skin products, that may lead to patches, red spots, boils, freckles and wrinkle before age. The skin products that contain high intensity of chemicals may absorb in your epidermis and can cause harm to the sensitive skin.

When you applied the expired lipsticks daily and small particles of it are being swallowed with food, they can cause harm to your health after some time. The oily make up with thick layer on skin can clog the pores and results in acne.

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