Oil Cleansing Method Review for Skin Care Acne & Scars

Have you even tried an oil cleansing method for your skin? It is indeed a natural skin care method that uses natural oils to help you attain perfect clear and glowing skin. At first, it seems that the words “oil” and “skin”, if placed together do not refer a good thing but it is actually not true for all types of oils because some oils are very affective and work best to solve various skin problems. The oil cleansing method is free from all types of artificial fragrances which some times become irritating for the skin. It is based on the fact that skin naturally produces oils because it needs them. It also put forth the idea that the oil you apply on your skin will dissolve the dirty oil already present in it and provide you with a clean and clear skin.

Oil Cleansing Method Review for Skin Care Acne & Scars

To use this method you have to make a mixture of castor oil, olive oil, tea tree oil and sun flower seed oil. However, this method is considered controversial because some people have complained that it leaves their skin red and irritated. On the other hand it is effectively and widely used in Asia. Asian women consider it best for makeup removal. So, oil cleansing method works a lot for skin care but not for every one. It depends on your skin type and how sensitive your skin is.

The oil cleansing method can work best against various skin problems such as scars, post acne marks, blackheads, whiteheads, rebums and etc. the thing to remember is to choose the oil according to skin type and problem. For example, mix equal amount of olive oil and sweet almond oil. Apply it on your skin with blackheads and open pores. Now take a towel dabbed in hot water. Place it on your face after massaging the oil for 5 minutes.

Eventually your skin becomes clear and healthy. Avocado oil massage can lighten the appearance of post acne marks and cleanse the hardened sebums. Coconut oil works as anti aging and prevents the appearance of freckles and wrinkles. Do remember that it is workable for most of the people but not for every one. You just have to listen to your skin and its problems then decide what is best for you. But do not feel disappointed with natural oil cleansing method because it has a lot to benefit you with.

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