Natural Brown Eye Makeup Tips Step by Step Tutorial Pictures

Those girls with brown eyes can experiment will variety of colors and shades in makeup but if you get confused about your makeup application and do not know how you can make your natural brown eyes stand out. Here is the step by step tutorial with tips for beautiful eye make up for brown eyes. You can accentuate your natural eyes in many ways.

Natural Brown Eye Makeup Tips Step by Step Tutorial

  • Apply the primer all over the eyes. It will help to keep the eye makeup in place and do not let it melt.
  • After the primer get dry, apply the base coat. You can use any of the purple, dark green, pink and maroon on your brown eyes. The shades should be in contrast with the color brown. Apply the base coat chosen color on the lid until the crease. Use the medium size eye shadow brush for application of base coat.
  • Now apply the crease color. No matter what color of eye shadow you are using for base coat, use brown on crease with the help of crease brush in the screen wiper motion. Start from the outer edge of the crease and fill the color in.
  • Blend the two colors with a blending brush to have a natural look and avoid the wired uneven look.
  • Apply the highlighter with a pointed brush from above the crease till under the brow. Use white, silver or pink color with a shimmer effect as highlighters.
  • Apply the black liner just above the water line on the upper lid. Make a thin line and a bit thicker toward the outer edge. Apply a thin line of dark purple liner on lower lid to pop up your eyes and add a sophisticated drama to your overall look.
  • Apply the black mascara on your lashes and curl them with lese brush. It will give a volume and length to lashes. Apply double coat on the upper lash and single coat on the lower lash.

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