Natural Beauty Products from the Kitchen, How to Use Them?

You do not have to buy expensive chemical products to enhance your beauty and overcome your flaws. Just enter in your kitchen and find a range of natural beauty products that are not at all expensive and are 100 times better and effective than the chemical beauty products. Above all they have no risk of side or after effects. You can fight various skin and hair problem with the regular use of these products. So, here is a list of natural beauty products with their wonderful beneficial uses, that are usually found in every kitchen.

Natural Beauty Products from the Kitchen, How to Use Them? are given there..


Lemon has natural skin bleaching properties and also works as astringent. It brightens, lighten and soften your skin. It is best for dark spots, acne marks or scars, dark knees and elbows. It also softens your hair and makes them shiny. You can use it in various facial and hair masks.


Avocado forms the perfect face mask and works effectively as a deep moisturizer thus soften your skin and prevents premature aging.


It is full of calcium, proteins and minerals that are essential for your skin. It can be proved as a natural cleanser. It exfoliates and rejuvenates your skin. The lactic acid in it soothes, brighten and soften your skin. It also works well to brighten and soften your skin. It also works well to make your hair healthy, shiny, and soft and enhances their growth, if combined with other natural products.


It soothes your skin and used in various natural face pack and scrubs along with a natural liquid carrier like milk. It works best to remove dead skin cells and exfoliate it well.


It helps in removing dark circles and soothes the eyes with it refreshing effect. It also depuffs your eyes. Helps in removal of dark spots and pigmentation on skin.


Soothe the skin after sunburn and give your skin, a natural pink glow. It also lightens the dark lips. If tomato juice is applied on lips regularly with fresh cream, it will make your lips pink naturally.


Rub garlic on your finger nails and make them strong, shiny thus grow quickly.


It is a natural bleaching agent. It has also anti bacterial properties. Works well on all skin types to lighten the pores, brighten the skin and removing the dark spots.


It whitens and brightens your skin with its bleaching properties. It also makes your hair shiny and soft.


Used in various natural scrubs.

Brown sugar:

Used in scrubs and exfoliates gently to remove dead skin and roughness.

Baking Soda:

Effective for removal of black and white heads, for whitening of teeth, lightening of lips etc.

Coconut and Olive Oils:

Perfect moisturizers for skin. Good for damaged hair. Work against hair fall, dandruff, split ends and condition the dry scalp.

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