Nail Salon Business Plan Sample with Template

If you nail technician or nail art designer and want to stand up on your own or willing to strike out in beauty industry with your exclusive  skill and mastery in your field , follow this guideline to learn how to start a nail salon business. Initial Planning Regarding Capital and Permits: The first thing is to write a rough business plan with all estimations for your nail salon. You can choose a form to follow the pattern from a reference book.

  • Estimate your initial costs including start up cost (incorporation fees,  rent, equipments, furniture etc ) and on going costs ( salaries, marketing, bills, loans payments)

Arrange the needed capital by getting money from your family and friends, your saving and if you need more go for a loan from money lenders or capitalists.

  • After a rough estimation and arrangement of money, the next and in fact most difficult step is to secure local and federal licenses and permits. It includes a basic business license, a federal employee identify number, business name permit, land use permit and sales tax license. All these legal processes will take time and energy but it is essential for security and proper starting of business.

You should also know whether the state demands health permit to begin a nail salon business. If so, you should be professionally licensed.

All these legal documentation and written planning will provide a strong foundation to your business and you will not have any fears of legal problems and cases.

Proper Execution of your Planning:

  • Now its time to find the best location for nail salon. You should choose the place where there is a good market of salons or it should be near the residential area. The most important thing that you have to keep in mind while finding the place is your affordability. You have to remain in your planned budget.
  • Remodel or furnish the area according to the requirement. Install furniture and equipment as you have planned. You can begin with limited services and as the business runs, expand your services and install modern and advanced equipment.
  • The necessary equipments includes tables, chairs, nail files, nail paints, brushes, needles for nail art, nail polish remover and fungus killer etc.
  • Hire the required staff on affordable wages and train them properly.
  • Advertise before opening. Now its time to run a successful nail salon business.

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