Misconceptions, Causes, Signs and Preventions about Miscarriage

This topic is related to the awareness of peoples about the misconceptions, causes and preventions of miscarriage. Today miscarriages a common and painful problem suffers from women in the early trimester of pregnancy. Among in others pregnancy complications miscarriage is one of the most well known terrible diseases .Miscarriage of a baby is a painful period of time for up coming mothers and only the mothers feel this critical situation, lost their happiness and leave only disappointments. Here we tell you the most important misconceptions about miscarriage which knows a couple must. According to a survey 40% women suffer this painful disease and end their pregnancies in miscarriage.

Misconceptions, Causes, Signs and Preventions about Miscarriage

There are many causes of miscarriages which are suspected causes of miscarriages like pre-existing gynecologic conditions, exposure to toxicities (including pollution, drugs or alcohol, and chemicals), autoimmune diseases, diabetes, smoking, obesity and genetics. Beside these there are various misconception causes which are commonly consider wrong like exercise, sex, and working outside the home are not risk factors for miscarriage.

Common signs of miscarriage

  • Spotting or cramping
  • Heavy cramping by bleeding
  • Abdominal and lower back pain

Preventions of miscarriage

There are no specific reasons of miscarriage but you can less this risk with healthy life style. The women who eat healthy and balance diet among them the risk of miscarriage is reduce than other women. So take care of your health and avoid bad habits just like smoking, drink alcohol, caffeine intake and adopt the good habits like, exercise regularly, maintain a healthy weight, have a healthy diet, and learn to manage stress. All healthy habits prevent you from different pregnancy complications. So spent their life with healthy routine and safe herself from miscarriages. This is a place where you can find out effective information about misconceptions of miscarriages.

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