Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair with Bangs 2023 for Teenagers

The school going teenage girls, sometimes find it really difficult to get their hairstyles rightly done for school. They need to know about the easy and quick to make hairstyles that have to be neat and appealing to their school. All the school girls with wavy hair must read this article to know the exciting hairstyles to freshen up your look. As the new session in schools is about to begin, enter the new class with making a new fashion with your hair. Here are some of the exciting hairstyles for teenage girls with wavy hair of medium length. For teenagers in 2023 try these medium length hairstyles for thick wavy hair with bangs to have a positive change in your look.

Fishtail Braid: For wavy hair, the fishtail braid is highly recommended. These classic hairstyles always remain in fashion for school girls. Apparently, it looks to be complex yet it is not so in reality. You just have to know how to make a fishtail and practice it for three to four times to lessen the time consumed in making a fishtail.

  • For wavy hair, start by gathering your hair on one side of the neck and make a neat fish braid end up with a ponytail leaving 2 inches of hair down under the ponytail. All face shapes can rock with this fishtail braid.

Headband of Micro Braid: Try this simple braid that is simply wrapped around the top of the head. It works as a headband and secures your front short hair and keeps them from coming on your face. It is quite convenient for the school teenage girls to carry this style in regular school days.

  • On both sides, it adds a braided touch to your hair with the curly waves. You just have to put the first section of your hair from one side of the head and braid it. Wrap it around the head top. Secure with a bobby pin.

    Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair with Bangs 2023 for Teenagers

Outward Shoulder Length Haircut: The flippy hair cut above your shoulder for school. This hairstyle has long bangs on one side. This length is more suitable and still can be pulled back into a ponytail for sports. Wash your hair and blow dry them, using a round brush and dryer; turn the ends into outward waves. It gives you more youthful elegant look.

Half Tied Sweet Tease: The best way to style your naturally wavy hair is to sweep some hair up towards the back while showing the amazing waves fall past the shoulders. The teased sweep simply pinned back looks cute on teenage girls. Leave few flicks on the front to give it a soft look.

  • To get this hairstyle, take the front hair and start teasing back from the crown. Slowly move towards the front and keep teasing the roots. Now smooth your hair back and secure them with bobby pins back on the crown. This super chic hairstyle looks awesome on wavy medium length hair. It also flatters all face shapes.

Its general suggestion that teenagers wear one of these medium length hairstyles for hair nature of thick wavy hair with bangs 2023 to get a different elegant look for school as well as for parties and casual usage. These must make one prettier and gives an attractive look. In this age one needs to look more prettier then others so this is a good chance to wear some stylish hairstyle.

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