How to do your own Manicure at Home?

A specific technique that How to do your own manicure at home will help you a lot. Your hands move and work all day with out any rest and lose their freshness. When you go any where people notice their hands beauty ,so you give more attention to their hands and get a manicure at least one time in a week. For this you need not to go any salon because you can do you own manicure at home. So required some things for do manicure at home. And just at home you get result like the professional ones. So, note them down and try it as you get time.

These things are required for manicure at home

  • 1. Nail polish remover
  • 2. Scissors or a nail clipper
  • 3. Cuticle remover
  • 4. Warm water
  • 5. Cuticle pusher
  • 6. Hand cream or lotion
  • 7. Sheer pink polish
  • 8. Your favorite nail polish

1. Nail polish remover:

First of all use a nail polish remover for removing old nail polish. Apply nail polish remover on your nails plate and make sure that your nail is free any grease and dirt.

2. Scissors or a nail clipper:

  • At the second step use a best quality of scissor or nail clipper for file and shape your nail perfectly. Trim your nails according to your required length.

3. Cuticule remover:

Use a cuticle remover to remove cuticle from your nails and you can do this step according to your choice.

4. Warm water:

  • At the 4rth step soak your hands in warm water for five minutes .Prepare soaking water for nails along with few drops of almond oil.

5. Cuticle pusher:

When you soak your hands then use cuticle pusher and gently push your cuticle.

6. Hand cream or lotion:

  • After this step use a hand creams for moisture your hands if your skin dry uses an intensive lotion. Massage this cream or lotion on your hands and around your nails.

7. Sheer pink polish:

  • Apply a thin layer of sheer pink polish as a base coat and let your nails for dry.

8. Your favorite nail polish:

At the end apply your favorite nail polish and now your manicure is complete. So find out best way to do manicure at home in a budget. All steps in simple way is for your help.

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