Makeup Tips for Heart Shaped Face

In the past there have no concept of different style of makeup but now this concept will be changed. There is various style of makeup which would be introducing the makeup experts. As you know we have different shape of faces just like heart shape, square shape, round shape, diamond shape and oval shape. Here we share with you make up tips for heart shape face and how we expert in doing makeup. The women who have heart shape face, their forehead is wide, over flowing and beautiful cheeks and a small chin. Some women have heart shape face just like Michelle Jeniffer and Ashley Judd and Reese Wither spoon also. You don’t apply makeup as you apply on a round face or oval face because it is different from others.

Tips for apply make up for Heart Shape Face:

  • Start from Eye makeup: Remember when you apply eye shadow on heart shape face you can apply gold color on the entire lid and smoky blue color on the inner side. If you have heart shape face your eye brows should be thick not thin because your forehead looks small.

This thing will help you in the balance the size of your face and one thing remember that is wear a very simple make up on your eyes.

Make chin larger:

In heart shape face, if you make your chin larger apply a little bit of concealer and lighter shade of makeup in that area. Blend this very well and make your chin little wide.


When you apply foundation then apply darker shade on the cheeks with the help of brush. Blend it very well to your hairline to help pull in your cheeks.

Lipstick color:

At the end apply a warm toned lipstick that will help you to create width through the lower part of your face. If you follow these tips you can get a beautiful and elegant face look that everybody admires. So search out this page for more information about round shape face makeup.

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