Makeup Tips for Round Face and Double Chin

An perfect Makeup tips for round face and double chin will assist you in this matter. Everyone has specific face shape which is natural and beautiful. Every woman has not the same face shape, its different shapes just like, Round face shapes, heart face shapes, oval face shapes and square face shapes as well. All shapes faces have different style of makeup and not to similar with each other .Round face and double chin makeup is quite simple and apply to easy. If your face is round, keep in mind you should try to use dark and tan shades instead of light and pink shades. Makeup for round face is fairly simple and it is well balanced and has equal length and width.

The problem with the round face is that it lacks the features, which make a face attractive. The main goal to achieve from makeup for such a face is to make it appear elongated in shapes. It is only can be done by creating lightness from chin to lower lip and similarly from brows to the hairline.

Makeup Tips for Round Face and Double Chin

Required things for Round face and double chin makeup: These things are necessary for round face makeup just like concealer, foundation, blusher, lipstick color, eye brows makeup and eye shadow.


  • The first thing is very important for round face and double chin makeup is to use a best quality of concealer .A concealer can make the tone of skin appear equal. It should be applied the jaw line and cheekbones appear more prominent. Starting from under the eyes, nose and upper cheeks. You can also use concealer on forehead and chin will highlight the central parts of the face.


After applying concealer the next step is to apply foundation properly. Choose dark shade foundation and apply it evenly all over the face, neck and especially on both cheeks and chin. Apply a little bit of foundation on jaw line to make it look slender.

Blusher for round face:

  • The next step after this is to apply blusher on the cheeks to make them narrow. Choose peach or rosy pink color and apply it evenly on cheeks.

Lipstick color:

After this choose your favorite color lipstick and then apply it smoothly on the inside of lip line. You also use lip gloss to enhance its beauty.

Eye brows makeup:

  • The next step is to shape your eye brows in thin lines and make them appear longer in shape. Use dark color pencil instead of black.

Eye shadow:

Use dark color eye shadow just like black, chocolate or deep gray and it will looks so elegant. Apply eye shadow and make corner at the outer edge evenly.

Eye liner:

  • Apply eye liner in long and thin way and its make your eye more prominent.

Hair style:

After you make up the next step is very important that is your hair style. Hair style covering you forehead and pony tails would make your face more beautiful. If your hairs are long so curl your hairs and it gives a good effect. These make tips for Round Face and Double chin are really enhance beauty of lady that apply it on their face so must try it.

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