Makeup Tips for Light Brown Eyes and Dark Brown Hair

Makeup Tips for Light Brown Eyes and Dark Brown Hair must make more beautiful and attractive. Eyes is the very sensitive part of our face, we mostly look after of this organ. Without it we can’t see the beauty of nature and can’t enjoy anything of our life. Almost 95 percent in the whole world has craze of makeup. Women have a desire, that she must be looking the best to the others. Your eyes are stunning in all color, but if you have Brown eyes…you looks captivating to the others. By naturally, Brown eyes look unique that are rare in women. In general makeup for such colors of eyes mostly use coat of foundation or base on upper and lower area of eyes.

It’s give a good effect of your makeup or dark circle. For such kind of eyes matching of Dark Brown Hair must give an extraordinary look. Similarly you should also use these steps on light Brown eyes and Dark Brown Hair.

Method to Apply:

1-Mould your eyebrows are effectively modeled. If you have light eyebrows so you can take a black or brown pencil it will make a perfect shape as you want and looks like lukewarm. Memorialize fine eyebrows will effect on your eyes.

2-With the help of tuner, you mostly come out your unwanted hair.

3-Then, apply a coat of base in well mannered yet your dark circle cover.

4-It will show moisture on your eyes and stay your eye makeup long time..

5-Audition a golden color on your eyes with the assuage of eyes brush and then blend this color properly.

6-You will also use golden, copper and orange color on Brown eyes. You look like stunning to apply these colors.

7-If you want some more color so you also do the same procedure. Some more shades recommended for Brown eyes. As green, purple silver, pink etc…..

8-If you want to make smoky eyes so you apply silver color on base the eye lid.

9-Then use black eyeliner which is best in quality, apply it top of the eye in best way. It start to the corner of the eye and mashed it with the help of brush. It will be looks like a natural line.

10- Last touch to apply the mascara. It will be make a perfect shape of your eyelashes.

And must apply light pink color lipstick and same color apply on blushes…with these methods all women with Makeup Tips for Light Brown Eyes and Dark Brown Hair looking like captivating except of others…

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