Kate Middleton Eye Makeup Color Tutorial Bobbi Brown Tips

Kate Middleton Eye Makeup Color Tutorial Bobbi Brown Tips that make her eyes more beautiful. Princess Kate Middleton is too much popular in the word due to their beauty and fashion. Kate is known as the Duchess of Cambridge and the most beautiful women in the world. There are alloy of women in the world whose are too much like this lady and wants to wear and getup and want to like this celebrity. There are a lot of women in the world asked about the Kate Middleton eye makeup brands because Kate uses these brands having the different and unique eye makeup brands in the world.

To use this brand s or product there are so many women achieve their goal in the field of beauty and makeup. These eye brands are available in different color schemes and the right choice of the every woman. Kate wears their makeup on their own and she is very comfort and looking best among audience. Kite use the eye make brand is based on the quality and is very helpful to increase their beauty.

Kate has also beautiful hazel colored eyes with neutral brown shadow, royal blue depending upon her mood. Eyes are the most important part of the skin and wear the makeup on women eyes is increased their personality and very good impression on others. There are a lot of products which are use for the eye makeup and uses it is an art and skill.

Kate Middleton Eye Makeup Tutorial Tips by bobbi brown:

  • At start Kate apply base around eyes in order to hide some wrinkles that come from a period of time.
  • Now eye make is start; majority of time she wear a black eyeliner on upper eyelid. Some of time she also try to match it with blue eyes so she use blue liner but she takes care that it is a thick line.
  • When she use black eyeliner then most of time she darker it and apply put blue over its top.
  • Then some of time she also draws greater thick line below it.
  • Now time come for makeup of eye lashes for this she apply little bit mascara on lashes. Because her eye lashes are naturally good so she applies little mascara and then she clean it.
  • If she wants to give a change in regular eye makeup then she uses eye pencil. In case of mistake its easy to remove it and routine eye makeup will come back.

Kate Middleton eye makeup brand color are including:

  • MAC eye shadow in Blanc type and showgirl
  • Bare minerals eye shadow in nude beach
  • Too faced eye insurance eye primer
  • Urban decay naked palette eye shadow in buck and naked
  • Laura Mercier eye shadow in sterling
  • Mac fluid line gel eyeliner in black track
  • Tarte lights camera lashes mascara in black
  • LancĂ´me Le crayon kohl in black ebony

This is brief tutorial tips of Kate Middleton Eye Makeup and information of brand and colors that she uses in eye makeup is also given above that is done by Bobbi Brown. Hopefully with following it one can also able to eye makeup like Kate Middleton.

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