Indian Bridal Makeup Tips for Dark Skin

If you are looking for a perfect bridal look that enhances your natural features and beauty rather than giving you a clownish appearance. If you want to show your wedding pictures with pride to your children rather than hiding them, here we are to give you make up tips for fair and dark skin type that will highlight your look with best Indian Tradition.

Indian Bridal Makeup Tips for Dark Skin are given there..

  • Prepare your skin for make up application. The basic things are some for both fair and dark skin type. Cleanse your face and neck properly. Splash chilled water on it and pat it dry. Apply concealer on dark circles, blemishes and marks. Apply primer. It is essential because your foundation needs something to hold up for at least 6 hours and has to bear sharp lights, hot fire and flash of cameras.
  • Apply foundation on your face and neck. Remember to use mineral foundation that is water proof sweat proof. This is the time when you have to consider your skin type. Use foundation with 3 skin tones: one that matches your skin type; second light than your skin tone. Apply lighter foundation on dark areas and vice versa. Now blend both the foundations with the one that matches your natural skin type. Now blend it evenly well.
  • Apply loose a compact powder to set your foundation. Use a fluffy brush for powder application. It will make the task easy and do not give a heavy look.
  • The most important tip for perfect Indian Bridal Make up is that do not try to make your skin lighter than it naturally is with the help of light colored foundation and powder because it will contribute a lot in making you a clown. Your friends and relatives will surely ask you to do this but refuse them with the smiling face. Keep one thing in your mind that your target is to highlight your features and natural beauty rather than marring your look and making yourself fairer.
  • Another useful tip regarding eye make up is; do not use fake lashes until and unless you have experienced them before they sometimes become very irritating. The same thing is with colored lashes. Do not use them for the first time on your wedding. Try them before hand and if you feel comfortable with them, you can use them on your wedding also.
  • Do not pull at the dark and bright colors on your face for wedding day. Choose between your eyes and lips. If you want to highlight your eyes and lips. If you want to highlight your eyes and make them stand out, apply vibrant and bright glossy eye shades and enhance them with best of the liner and mascara. Apply light lipstick with heavy eye make up. If you choose to highlight your lips than wear bright lipstick with gloss and lighten the eye make up.
  • Those who have fair skin can use blush in pink and peach color whereas the dark skin tone looks best with maroonish and reddish brown blush.

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